The Pin originally started as a novelty item for people to show off their accomplishments in BJJ- the fact that they were doing BJJ, had attained a specific belt rank, and were part of High Road BJJ. This was nice for the blue belts and above but it didn't seem that it was as meaningful for the white belts to get a white belt pin. New practitioners rarely view white belt as an accomplishment; however, we will argue that just taking the step to start BJJ, coming out of one's comfort zone and not giving up IS the accomplishment at the new white belt level.  So we started giving the white belt pin to white belts who were showing progress, heart and good character to give it more meaning. It occurred to us that at ANY belt level we all look to improve at these things or show others how to improve them. 


As we moved forward we saw a new value for the pin.  Our new philosophy on the pin is this- If you do BJJ, regardless of your club, school, academy, or team affiliation, and you have achieved a specific belt rank AND you put regular effort into helping OTHERS, in and out of your academy, then you are doing BJJ the High Road way- and that is bigger than our school.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and helping others are both global activities! It is not about being enrolled in our school- it is about our school providing a way for people to represent their study, their achievement and their character with a common goal of making themselves better people as well as the people around them. High Road Revolution is our higher enterprise for people helping people- we say Do A Good Deed.  High Road BJJ is just how we help each other through Jiu Jitsu.  The pin is the High Road Revolution way of recognizing people’s efforts of leadership, sacrifice and character while on their Jiu Jitsu journey- it is a compliment from our people to you and yours. If you meet the objectives of the High Road BJJ pin then please go to our shop and reward yourself or someone else who deserves it!  It is an honor-system based concept. Keep training, keep advancing and always look out for others! Do A Good Deed!