“We endeavor to pursue our BJJ training and life by doing the right thing even when it is hard or seems unfair. We rise above and keep going forward. We take the High Road.”


What is High Road BJJ?

It is a club, a school, a team and a thought process for day to day life.  We are a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) club operating in partnership with Wall 2 Wall Martial Arts.  Sensei Chuck Wall brought us on-board in 2018.  We are both like-minded, life long martial arts practitioners and instructors who want to share the benefits of martial arts with those willing to try.  High Road BJJ is a BJJ school teaching traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for both self defense and sport engagements.  We have real world experience that reinforces our passion to equip people to deal with self defense situations.  We also compete in BJJ tournaments because competition is the proving ground for BJJ techniques and strategies.  As a team we compete under Team Tsunami, the Academy started by our Professor, John Ouano.  As a thought process High Road BJJ aspires to always take the "High Road" in the gym as well as outside the gym.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not easy- it requires patience, commitment and resilience.  There are many metaphors for life in BJJ and this is why it makes us all better people.  We have hard days on the mats and we have good days- just like life there are usually more hard days.  We endeavor to pursue our BJJ training and life by doing the right thing even when it is hard or seems unfair.  We rise above and keep going forward.  We take the High Road

Our Approach

We are a business and need to make money to do what we do.  However, we want our students to feel truly glad they are with us.  We want you to want to be here.  We do not do contracts- we let people pay month to month.  We don't want to get taken advantage of but we also do not want someone feeling stuck in a contract thus losing interest in jiu jitsu.  Jiu jitsu is very rewarding but is also challenging enough on its own- we don't want people distracted over administrative matters!  In other words, if being in a contract is the only reason you are with us then that is not good.  We will never make anyone feel bad or cite loyalty concerns or use other hard sells to stay.  We believe with good open communication we can address concerns and make arrangements that satisfy our students and our staff.  If you need to move on for whatever reason we will help you find the best fit.  We are friends with the staff and students in all the martial arts schools in the area.  We encourage you to find what makes you happy.  We will never talk negatively about another school or other martial art.  We just want people to study something they like.  For us it is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  See what is out there and then give us a shot!

Our goal

We have seen the power of what happens when people believe in themselves.  We have seen how jiu jitsu is a strong vehicle toward self belief.  We have also seen where regular training  has helped people through life crises, made them healthier both physically and mentally and simply empowered them to do more than they thought possible.  Not everyone will be a world jiu jitsu champion but if nobody quits they will certainly be champions of themselves and life.  That is why we say High Road BJJ is a thought process- we draw many parallels from jiu jitsu and apply them to our lives.  The leadership experience of our staff is significant- we have a great deal of operational and professional development tools to aid our High Road team.  We learn from our students as much as they learn from us.  Our goal is to simply make good people better people through jiu jitsu training.