“It’s not what you’re going to take from martial arts, it’s what you have to give to martial arts.”
- Saulo Ribeiro


Are there other BJJ schools in the area?

Absolutely.  We can say from personal experience that there are many great schools in the area.  We have friends in most schools from Maryland to North Carolina.  We encourage prospective students to visit them and make the most informed choice about where to train.  If we can't fulfill your BJJ needs then we are more than happy to help you find the best fit.  We visit other schools and we regularly host people from other schools.  We foster the idea of a martial arts community.  We feel it is good to have choices and options and are proud to offer a grass roots training environment that blends self defense and organized BJJ competition.  We are honored to be part of people's martial arts journey.

How do we contribute?

High Road BJJ believes in community and giving back. We are small but we still make time for as many activities as possible.  It is about making people better through BJJ.  We are proud sponsors of the Toro Cup Super Fight Series which was established to support a different charity per event. We support the Lion Heart Initiative which was established to spread the benefit of formal martial arts to Africa. One more organization that High Road supports is the We Defy Foundation that use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and fitness training to provide combat veterans suffering from life-disabling injuries and/or PTSD a long term means to overcome their challenges. We sponsor individual competitors in BJJ and Judo tournaments because we feel the value of a tournament experience can be a significant milestone at any age. Dave also teaches weekly at Fort Belvoir as a volunteer instructor with Belvoir Grappling.


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