“The people that are teaching Jiu Jitsu should be good people, you shouldn't look for the best but for someone who has a good heart that will teach you not just Jiu-Jitsu but will help you with life.”
- Caio Terra



Our staff are all BJJ practitioners.  We also have experience in multiple other martial arts.  We have trained in many great schools, clubs and academies in over 20 states as well as other countries.  Our dedicated staff is comprised of military veterans, combat veterans, and professionals whose experience complements the High Road BJJ culture.  All staff members have passed criminal background checks with either the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, USA Judo, The United States Judo Federation, the Federal government or combinations of all the above.  Additionally all of our personnel are Safe Sport trained and understand how to establish and supervise a safe training environment for younger martial artists.


Dave Kiedaisch is our Head BJJ Instructor.  He was promoted to BJJ Black Belt by Professor John Ouano, a 4th Degree Black Belt with decades of experience dating back to the early days of BJJ when it was still new in the USA.  Dave is a retired Chief Master Sergeant of 25 plus years with nearly 20 years supporting premier level special operations in the joint community.  He has been to over 40 countries and is decorated for multiple combat deployments as well as heroism.  He draws from the challenges of his career to make High Road BJJ a place to simply make good people better people.



Chuck Wall is the owner of Wall 2 Wall Martial Arts with his father Sensei Wall Sr.  Chuck is a Judo 4th degree Black Belt, an advanced BJJ practioner and also wrestled competitively.  Chuck is a triple threat grappler who brings a great deal of experience to us all.  Chuck is also a decorated combat veteran with over 20 years of service as a Marine.

Professor John Ouano is a 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt under Rodrigo Medeiros in California.  John is the founder of Team Tsunami.  Team Tsunami has roughly 20 affiliate schools across the country and in New Zealand!  High Road BJJ is one of those affiliates.  John's history, lineage and contributions to BJJ are extremely varied.  He was the first student in the US to train under Carlson Gracie Sr. when he opened his first school here.  John taught with Rodrigo Medeiros, Vitor Belfort and several more of the world's best black belts.  John has also equipped the UFC and other MMA franchises with tailored equipment of his own custom design.  John is Dave's instructor and provides Dave with volumes of guidance, mentorship and experience.  High Road BJJ is honored to be part of the Team Tsunami family.